Thursday, November 15, 2007

indonesia architectur and modern architect

we are an "Architect" from indonesia with tropical minimalist design.

Tropic minimalisme is trend now in indonesia.from bali espesially with urban asian architectur,now many people interest to make tropis minimalisme.because looking good and comfort,without ac ...(good and fresh ) its comfort there are win cross ventilation.

wih me a young architect from west java indonesia,I will give you an advantage with a spesiall design and the price is very cheap.but my create is
perfectly as you can see in this page.
thank for your visit in my web.

architect Minimalis represent a choice of moment ini,cheap only 2 $ / m2 … from interior of design to architecture of whole world of use of style of ini,especially japan

“ architect” minimalis as according to its name - minimalis, hence all completely minimalis,baik from facet of Ruang,Bentuk,Ataupun substance which is using

“ design of house minimalis” stand in need of the correctness of]about meaning utilize and its meaning image is appearance have to according to not only mere ornamental
but find the “ architect” what correct understanding hit what that “ Architecture of House Minimalis” is easy easy of dificult .it will be make the house minimalis but later;then go out the designya oppositely;also eklektik

( design hodgepodge follow the example of the fungtionality in architecture )
“ design house” needing architect as does people will be beautiful have to to beauty salon to in.make over,

and follow the example of the other;dissimilar ill people have to to dokter,will make a develop;build the house need the architect ..something have to deliver expert .exactly be good and comfort .
follow the example of the minimalis architecture
“ cak Rony Studio” representing consistent architect with the style and theme of Architecture minimalis
its price also in participating in concept Minimalis also
Conceiving what our ndak bener-bener minimalis price
only dengan 2 $ / m2
you'd can enjoy the freshment and beauty of Dwelling of house minimalis.

thank you for its visit in our web

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ttd Rony,st .

principal dan arsitektur design

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by rony design architect studio surabaya west java indonesia.